As the brain child of Ciera Nichele, Heavenly Brat was born in 2012. Designed to Inspire. We at Heavenly Brat are committed to sustaining our women’s needs. We are devoted to enhancing our women’s social and career status through our clothing. We vow to only use the optimum fabrications and embellishment to impact our customers’ evolution. Heavenly Brat promises that each and every garment is constructed with the consumer in mind. Above all, we promise innovation that will never leave you unnoticed. Heavenly Brat is more than clothing; it is a mindset that produces inspiration.

Our Mission & Vision

Here at Heavenly Brat, is is our goal to provide superlative quality; both in fabrics and inspiration.

Our Designer

Meet Ciera

South Florida native, Ciera Nichele (born Ciera Nichele Hill) has always been a partaker of the creative arts. Whether it was illustrating in her sketchbook or writing in one of her many journals, she lets her creativity flow. She holds a Masters degree in Business, a degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising, and currently pursuing a Doctorate in Business specializing in Strategy and Innovation. To her, education is a practical approach to her artistic heart. Even her method to her love for fashion was more practical with her clothing brand, Heavenly Brat.

Becoming an author was a private goal that Ciera has worked on in her spare time. Ciera shocked her family and friends when she announced her debut book, Lies of the Forgotten. Her eclectic reading taste allowed her to redefine the snub notion that urban books aren’t worth reading outside the urban community. Lies of the Forgotten follows a young woman named London through the path of finding out who she really is. Like our author, London was in a transition point in her life throughout the story.

Currently, Ciera Nichele is working on her second and third novel simultaneously. The second novel is set to debut Summer 2018. In addition to her working on the next set of novels, Ciera fills her time as a mentor, business owner, designer, consultant, and student. Ciera loves to travel and learn new things such her current training in martial arts (Muay Thai) and believes in constant self-innovation. Ciera lives by the Archimedes’ quote, “give me a place to stand, and I will move the earth.”


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